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Glass Vases Create unique, impressive arrangement by using our high quality Glass Vases, we offer different sizes and shapes, made by best material. Wedding Vases: Creating the perfect ambiance for wedding is the key to success, ZX Decor Wedding Vases and your creative designs bring this ambiance to any wedding reception. Oversized Vases: Our oversized Vases, incorporated with your brilliant exotic design, create unusual architectural centerpieces.
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Candleholders: Using these distinctive glass candleholders are a perfect way to create a romantic atmosphere for anniversaries, Valentine's Day and birthdays. Wooden: Our Wooden containers add a natural beauty to any setting, works well for both elegant and rustic designs. Metal Flowers make people happy; these Metal containers are elegant and chic. Combine it with your flowers with dazzling design.
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Ceramics: A beautiful selection of ceramic pots in a variety of square and rectangular shapes offered by ZX Decor provides a dazzling look. Accessories: 4 elements make a magnificent arrangement; Designer's creation, Flower, Container and accessories, in this section we offer the 4th elements of this handsome gang. Candles: ZX Decor large selection of Candles, together with your fascinating design will become the center of attention on any tabletop in different events.


Here at ZX Decor, we know most of our web site visitors are florist and designers and have more knowledge than us, but we did want to share the Floral Decoration's history with our guests as it may be said to be as old as civilization itself. The remains of many ancient cultures provide us with sufficient proof that people have always been appreciative of the beauties of nature; they show that flowers have been a never-failing source of inspiration for the adornment of architecture, and other objects of daily use. On occasion we got glimpses of a more intimate use of flowers and see vases of cut blossoms decorating the home or presented as offerings. There are always clues to tell us that people in the past brought flowers indoor to be enjoyed just as we today fill vases with flowers to beautify our rooms.

Sufficient evidence exists to show that the ancient Egyptians decorate with cut flowers placed in vases. Many wall painting and bas-reliefs in Egyptian tombs tell us what flowers vases looked like in those days, with what they were filled, and when and how they were used, Greek and Roman writers tell us that flowers played an important and significant role in the daily life of the people.

It was the Chinese who first contributed to the development of the art of flower arranging. Contemplative, and with a characteristically sensitive appreciation of nature. The Chinese learned to enjoy the quiet beauty of a few perfect blossoms or a branch of interesting shape. This refined taste was passed on to Japan, along with Buddhism, and developed into their highly symbolic art.

The art of Japanese flower arrangement was not a home art until the fifteenth century. It reached its height in the eighteenth century, by which time a number of rules had been formalizes and much symbolism had become associated with the entire art. Strictly speaking, classic Japanese flower art depends on an asymmetrical, purely linear design, based on three main lines of related height proportions. This dynamic and rhythmic art lays a great deal more stress on silhouette, or line, that it doses on color.

In direct contrast, European has always been inclined to gather mixed bouquets. Their use of floral colors and forms has much diversity, and of course includes a quantity of bulbous material not grown in the orient.

It was natural that the influences of Europe and Asia should meet in America; countless books on flowers and their arrangement were published or imported. Professional horticulturalist, decorator, and florist came to U.S. from Europe and Asia. They gave lectures and demonstrations, and frequently opened businesses and stayed on. Each had influence on the trend in America today.

Wholesale Glass Vases as a Subsidiary of ZX Decor, Inc., have maintained a goal to offer high quality vases at reasonable prices. We make supplies to flower shops, wedding planners, interior designers, party supply stores, gift shops, general stores, chain department stores and discount stores. Also we have overseas customers and ship supplies abroad. Our No 1 priority is customers' satisfaction; we offer hundreds of different vases and accessories and will expand our line to the entire floral products.

In the last few years, the wholesale glass vases business has become a very competitive market, especially in Southern California. Every year more companies offer containers and try to have portion of one of the largest industries in the United States, which is floral supply business, selling different kinds of vases and containers. Some companies offer unusual low prices, which attract new customers, but these deals won't last long. If you base your design on these offers, you cannot get your containers constantly. These deals are based on closeout items.

At Wholesale Glass Vases our mission is to provide wide range of high quality and fashionable items for floral industry with reasonable prices. We have competitive products, but first we compete on quality, customer service, customer satisfaction, and timely delivery while offering attractive prices.

Wholesale Glass Vases are our business. We try to improve to better serve you. In this mission, we need your help. We appreciate your sharing with us your opinions, suggestions and complaints. Our highly experienced sales associates and customer service are waiting to serve you.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to provide you a high quality service and products.


Bullet Glass Vase / Candleholder
Product ID : bu-106
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 8
$ 5.00 Each Vase
Candleholder Glass Vase
Product ID : CS-12
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 4
$ 5.00 Each Vase
Hour Glass Vase
Product ID : mv078
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 6
$ 5.00 Per Vase
Hour Glass Vase
Product ID : MV969
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 2
$9.00 Per Vase
Hour Glass Vase
Product ID : MV240
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 2
$8.00 Per Vase
Rectangular Glass Vase
Product ID : TPR-596
Hot Deal
Case Pack: 8
$ 4.00 Each Vase