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Oval Glass Vases

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Oval Glass Vase
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Oval Glass Vase
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When you need to fill a very specific space and want to give that space plenty of color and life with the use of beautiful flowers, an oval glass vase could be the perfect choice for the job. Using an oval glass vase gives you the opportunity to fully display whatever has been put inside the vase thanks to their unique shape that is rather long and narrow. This has the effect of spreading out anything put inside so that it is easy to enjoy for those viewing the vase. ZX Décor is happy to offer a number of oval glass vase options for you to pick from, so feel free to browse around until you locate your favorite!

The most obvious choice for an oval glass vase is a lovely set of flowers that can be placed next to each other within the vase. When using an oval shape instead of a cylinder or even a rectangle, you will have a better opportunity to spread out the flowers and let each of them stand out on its own. Thanks to the shape of the vase that you have chosen, there will be no risk of some of the flowers getting lost in the middle and hidden from sight. When you are able to acquire top-quality flowers for your event and wish to ensure that they are all see, pick an oval glass vase for the job.

Both clear and frosted styles are available in our oval glass vases so you can select for yourself the option that is most appropriate for your design plan. Where the clear glass is a timeless and classic look, the frosted style might be necessary to grab a little more attention if you have too many clear glass pieces already included in the design. Order both for your collection so you will always be able to use the one that is right for that specific décor.

Thank you for stopping by ZX Décor, and we hope that you will browse around our other vase options, including tall cylinder glass vases, cube glass vases, cone glass vases, and more. If you have any questions regarding our products or our site, please feel free to contact us right away.